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Licensed septic installer and designer

Looking for a new system? We offer many types in the Muskoka terrain from gravity-fed systems, and pumped systems, to Waterloo systems.

We design, build and install septic systems all over Muskoka. From simple installations to complex installations, we can provide you with the most cost-effective and quality system for your application.

Here are the types of systems you can expect to see in cottage territory:

Class 1: chemical toilets, incinerating toilets, recirculating toilets, self-contained portable toilets, and all forms of privy and composting toilet systems.

Class 2: leaching pits/greywater systems

Class 3: cesspools

Class 4: leaching bed/septic tank systems

Class 5: holding tanks

Each GSF Module is made up of a geotextile fabric and a plastic core material that work together to provide vertical surface area and oxygen transfer.  The GSF System applies treated effluent to the soil, increasing the soil’s long-term acceptance rate.  A Specified Sand layer provides additional filtration, and prevents saturated conditions.

If you are not connected to your municipality’s sewer system, your septic tank has to handle all of the wastewater from your home. Think about the total water your family uses on a daily basis: Shower, toilet, dishwasher, laundry, and more! That’s a lot of litres of water per day that need to be put back safely into the environment. A septic tank retains solids, but the liquids must be treated and integrated back into the ground. This is where System O)) innovative solutions come into play. Our system is one that can distribute, treat and infiltrate wastewater in a single system.

Long live bacteria!

The heart of System O)) Septic Systems is the aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that feed on pollutants in the water. Our unique Advanced Enviro-Septic pipes create an ideal environment for these organisms which maximizes the surface area for them to thrive. They control each other to keep the biomass from growing too large and therefore having to be removed.

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Starting with a percolation test, we can determine the type of system you will need. Our intentions are to meet your budget and get you the proper system according to part 8 of the building code.

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