Muskoka Town Water/Sewer Services

Town sewers:

Need to connect to town sewer and water? No problem. We can handle all aspects of the installation for you. We supply the machines for digging & trenching as well as the materials and labour involved. The first step in the process is to call the town and obtain a permit. The second step is getting locate on all services to ensure nothing is damaged during digging.

Most systems are gravity fed with 4" SDR sewer pipe leaving the building to the town sewer connection. Before closing the trench, we do an air or water test and have the inspector come out to ensure everything is to code.

Some systems require a pump chamber with a grinder pump and alarm. High-pressure corporation pipes and fittings are used per the district's requirements. The pump that must be used in this application is usually a 2hp liberty grinder pump that can support high head pressure and long-distance town connections.

town water and sewer

Town water:

Connecting to the town water supply is simple. It requires a 1" or 3/4" high-pressure corporation pipe and fittings that are piped to the town curb stop and from there brought into your house to a water meter. The town will supply a water meter free of charge and will have a reader placed outside for monthly billing.

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